Riley's sonograms.

Here are the scans from Riley's sonograms.

Our first sonogram, at nine weeks. He's only about three centimeters long.
You can see the heartbeat waveform in this one. 170 beats per minute.
Computer-generated 3D image. What a little peanut. :) We could see his arms and legs wiggling around in real time.
In profile, sucking his thumb. From the second sonogram, at 19 weeks.
A leg! (Looks like it's his right one.)
Computer-generated 3D image. He appears to be sucking his thumb here too, and you can see the fingers of his other hand held across his face.
Another computer-generated 3D image. In both of these, some of his head seems to be just outside what the computer picks up, so it almost looks like part of it's missing. But it's there.